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Volkswagen Sudan.

Elsafwa Automobile Company information.


Elsafwa Automobile Company was established in the year 1997, completing and celebrating 20 years of outstanding performance this year 2017.
From its state of the art 3- S complex in Khartoum North, which was built according to Volkswagen ID, Elsafwa sells a wide range of passengers’ and commercial vehicles which meets the needs and requirements of our valuable customers.
Elsafwa provides a customer oriented programs of after sales services, aimed at achieving the ultimate degree of customers’ satisfaction.
We sell genuine spare parts and we provide two years full warranty on any sold spare part.
Elsafwa’s selected and well trained staff in both sales and after sales are committed to continue providing the best models suitable for Sudan conditions, backed up by quality service.
Our objective is to be the best and number one in Sudan  in automotive industry in terms of sales, spare parts, services, warranty and  digitalized services to ensure that customers are receiving what they deserves in terms of convenience  and affordable services.

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